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By Leighton Will on February 1, 2017

If the European Union and the euro currency collapses we are looking at a new great depression. The product of the previous great depression, also caused by America, was Nazi Germany and the second world war. We are already seeing populist nationalist movements with fascist undertones crop up in Europe, and Trump seems intent on nurturing them, so it seems like the end result will be a repeat of what happened the last time.

And even if something like that would not happen, Europe will be manipulated by the other great regional powers and superpowers like Russia, the US and China. No single European country can stand up to them as an equal, just look at how pathetically Theresa May is sucking up to Donald Trump already, as the UK prepares to leave the EU.

Only if we speak together, does Europe stand a chance to still be relevant in the world and not become just a collection of vassal states of the other great powers. But it's our choice at the end of the day, and it's not looking like we are in the habit of making good choices these days.


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